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Elaine Del Valle is a Bilingual, Urban-Latina, Storyteller and Director.  A New York Native, Elaine penned her autobiographical, coming-of-age story, Brownsville Bred which landed off Broadway and to critical acclaim--The New York Times hailed “From Girlhood Trials to Onstage Triumph”.  

Expanding from stage to screen, Elaine’s films have garnered several Best Short Film, Best Actor and Best Director Awards. 

In March 2019, the New Times named Elaine as one of “5 Filmmakers to Watch”. Her film, Me 3.769 was supported by a grant from the Sundance Institute and the Knight Foundation. The film, a Latina coming-of-age drama reflects a Me Too moment in a pubescent Latina's life. Del Valle titled it "Me 3.769" to represent the 3.769 billion women in our world. The film has been picked up by HBO network and will begin airing August 2019.

Del Valle was one of nine directors chosen to partake in the Sundance Institute Narrative Film Lab, and has since taken part in three additional Sundance writing labs.

Her directorial work includes commercials and branded content for major national brands, both in English and in Spanish.

Elaine is currently in pre-production to direct her next and most ambitious short film, Princess Cut-a suspenseful and murderous, dark comedy with the theme of classism. The film is adapted from an original stage play, Bitch Brow, from writer Demetra Kareman.

Next on Del Valle's directing slate will be her directorial debut in a feature film- the long awaited screenplay adaptation of her celebrated stage play, Brownsville Bred.

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